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Candle Fundraiser

A minimum order of 12 cases must be placed @ $78.00 per case and a total cost of $936.00.  If you sold them at $10.00 each you would collect $1440.00 with a $504.00 profit going to the school.  We recommend that each student sell one case, containing 12 candles, and give them a time limit of one month to sell them, and collect cash only.  Most organizations do not let children go door to door and they shouldn’t in these times.  These candles easily sell to Mom and Dad, aunts and uncles etc… and it is not difficult for children to sell a case in one month.  The one month time limit is easily reached and the funds you receive are available quickly for your current needs.  We recommend having four different scents per case; it keeps it simple and gives your customer a choice.
We will deliver Nanny’s Candles to the school at no charge.  I will do whatever is necessary to make this order as simple and profitable for your school.  These candles are proven winners time and time again and the people that buy them love them and can’t wait until you come around again for the next fundraiser.

Here is a sample of what the school could raise:

  • 25 cases at a profit of $1050.00
  • 50 cases at a profit of $2100.00
  • 150 cases at a profit of $6300.00
  • 200 cases at a profit of $8400.00

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and if you have a special request, I will do my best to fulfill your needs.
Again, thank you for the opportunity,

Dominick Cuccia
Bus. 914-739-8898

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